Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Crowley Files

There are several entries on the internet regarding the so called Crowley files of "2619 CIA sources" Apparently, Crowley, a high CIA official, had given files and notes to a journalist prior to his death. I do not know if any of these files were classified, and if so, what investigation, if any, the CIA made of their theft.

Among the files and notes was an unclassified, but restricted to members only, roster of the members of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO). This roster provided the names and home addresses of the members. I am a lifelong member of this organization and I was listed in the roster, with my address at that time in Albuquerque, NM.

I had joined AFIO when I retired from the US Secret Service in 1979. Subsequently, I worked for many years as an independent contractor for the CIA. In July, 2002, I was working in Athens, Greece, in true name and under slim diplomatic cover, when a copy of this roster was found on a bench near the residence of the US Embassy Defense Attache (DATT). It appeared that the DATT may have been under surveillance and that a surveillant had left his observation post in a hurry and had forgotten to take his papers. No further investigation was made of this incident, and I never felt that I had been under surveillance, but it would have been quite easy for the holders of this roster to connect my name with the embassy - no thanks to the persons who publicized this roster for their own ridiculous reasons.

This is another example of "journalists" trying to make a name for themselves by publicizing distorted information, and in the process not realizing the damage they cause. And it is also another example of persons who have worked in the intelligence community being so full of themselves that they must publicize what they believe is their great contributions to saving the world. Crowley did no favors for the CIA, nor the members of AFIO.


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Blogger BUD BIDDLE said...

The Crowley Files showed me as a "source for the CIA. A source influential in contributing to policies at the CIA" nauseum...

While its quite a myth, it seemed to elevate my `well known prominence` (my dubious reputation is more like it..~!@!!) in the US law enforcement field, among some of my many peers in criminal intel and narcotic enforcement. And it most assuredly guaranteed me of many hours at many international border crossings (especially Canada) explaining my employment which was...simply.."I'm a `retired police chief`, nothing more"..They always began by searching me, my car and my person until they became satisfied. They always paid particular attention to any indicia I may have had with me at the time.

I also feel the `outing` of these 2619 intelligence personnel was probably not done on purpose (as another blogger stated) and the AFIO roster was mistakenly put into Crowley's Files.

Such inadvertant placement has caused some US Intelligence Officers great danger, angst and it may have even compromised overseas agents, Case Officers lives and past operations somehow..? No one knows for sure..?

Founder of AFIO, CIA Officer David Atlee Phillips, (dec'd), who, among many other things, worked in OPERATION MONGOOSE (South Florida), for Ted Shackley, David assisting with overseeing hundreds of Case Officers, (etc.), invited me into AFIO, for a variety of reasons, although I was never a CIA Officer. I was very humbled by his confidence in me and honored, my having been brought in as an active, AFIO member about 25 years ago.

My being `outed` as one of 2619 CIA sources of influence, as set forth in the Crowley Files, in 2000 (or so..?) was of no real concern to me except when traveling overseas.
It has not been a real danger (so far...2006) just a real pain at times as every intel organization on Earth has the 2619 names now at their Port's of Entry.

Interrogation of some travelers on the list are rampant (as if the US TSA screening at airports here isn't bad enough..!!!)

In 2003, one lazy afternoon, I was actually surveilled in the Victoria, BC, Canada, Empress Hotel's tea room. I had quickly spotted same and I confronted the surveillants who quickly I.D.'d themselves as "RCMP", "just watching someone near you", they said. Ok, but it was just not true. I'd seen them twice before outside the hotel and they were surveilling me.
I showed the two RCMP Officers my Chief of Police, CA retirement badge and I.D. Card and they immediately went away, quite nervously I would add..? I had been interrogated and searched earlier, by Canadian Customs, the day before at the Port of Entry, after getting off the ferry from Port Angeles, WA.

The Port of Entry, extensive, interrogation issues have happened several times, the surveillance only once that I'm aware of.

My sincerest hope remains, e.g.; that the widespread disclosure of the AFIO List, left in or put there on purpose..(?), the list found in the now infamous CIA Crowley Files, has not caused any damage to CIA Case Officers, previous clandestine CIA intelligence operations, CIA operatives or CIA Agents (the latter term, "CIA Agents" ONLY being CIA informants in/from
other countries by the way..).

Bud Biddle Blog
Foghorn News, Ltd.
San Francisco, CA

4:30 PM  
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Blogger Michigan Mike said...

After sadly hearing that my mother's neighbor had passed away quite unexpectedly, I performed a google search to see if I could locate next of kin and I discovered his name to be among those listed on "The Crowley Files" list of names. So, it appears this list is simply a membership roster of the AFIO?? Is that right? Wow. Mike in Michigan

6:34 PM  

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